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From the 9th to September 14th, 2019 in Pisac, Peru.



Luzclara is a great-grandmother, an Andean medicine woman and a Pachamamística.

She was born in Chile and she has traveled a lot in her life, both through exile during the military dictatorship and in the last 30 years, taking her medicine to different countries of the world.

Her work has consisted mainly in the healing and empowerment of the feminine, and she has formed the first Circle of the Goddess in Chile in 1986 under military dictatorship. Since then, she has prepared many women, and she has been a pioneer in the formation of women’s circles and work with the lunar blood.

At age 75, she received the urgent call from her heart to go on a mission to live in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. She has made the leap and that is what she is doing, fulfilling my destiny once again. Here in Peru, she continues my work with the feminine and she receives groups and people from different places who come to recycle and heal—in the sacred temples and in this vibration of magic and so much strength that exists in this valley.

Her medicine is extensive. She has had teachers in many arts and she has been initiated in the tradition of the Qéro nation, the last survivors of the Incas. She is a Chakaruna (bridge). She also received the initiation of Machi Antonia Lincolaf from the Mapuche Nation, apprenticed with her first Chippewa indigenous teacher Sun Bear from the northern nation, and she lived with a Quichua ayahuasquero Casimiro Mamallacta from the Amazon of Ecuador.

Today, as a 77-year-old grandmother, she has woven her own medicine that is expressed according to the needs of each person and group in full awareness of ancestral and celestial guidance.

She released my first book, The Prayer of My Life, in October of 2017, where she exposes her soul and her healing process to inspire other women to heal and live from the heart. It is also a book for men to understand our way of feeling and hear our hearts.

Her life is the joy of service to the Great Goddess, Pachamama, Mother Earth.

She lives in the community La Pacha, Pisac, Cuzco.


Astrid Brinck is a contemporary teacher and integrative therapist from Chile.

Her work blends the traditional and non-traditional perspectives for the thriving of human relationships and self mastery. She is a global leader, a cultural bridge, mother and grandmother.

She is the founder of Inner Freedom Institute, the Conscious Leadership Training, the Inner Freedom System, Free Bonding with Horses and the Surrender Quest. Guardian and forever apprentice of American(continental) traditions, songwriter, multi-intrumentalis, singer and writer. Currently she works in various regions of the world with students from over twenty different countries. She also support, as a volunteer various social and evolutionary activism projects.

Astrid has done extensive research for more than twenty years about the wisdom behind the cycles in nature and its relation with the process of maturity of the human heart and the social evolution. During the first years, her research was focused on the psycho-emotional rhythms of women. In the 90`s she started some of the first educational and experience-based programs for women on all ages and in all stages of life. She has also been an active member of conferences, gatherings and congresses of women, supporting women’s empowerment aiming to and inclusive development for women, men and the environment.

Her parallel research and personal studies integrated in the unique synthesis of her work include; Transpersonal Psychology, Sociology, Systemic Theories, Leadership, Neuro-Science, Integral Nutrition, Detoxification, Breath-work and Pranayama Science, Science of Birth and its Implications, Meditation, Aboriginal Wisdom, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Rites of Passage and Wilderness Immersion.


Psychologist, Doula, Birthkeeper, Guardian of Birth. Facilitator of Women’s Circles. Holistic therapist.

At the service of the awakening of female spirituality for 15 years. Woman Bridge of original and current wisdom towards Good Living. Chilean, Mother of 2 children born at home in freedom.

Co-founder of ((((Matrix Circle)))) in 2007, circle of women’s circles in Chile. Creator of Mamatriztica in 2011, a space dedicated to the psycho-affective accompaniment of the Gestation, Childbirth, Postpartum, propitiating sowing seeds of a new culture from the beginning of life.

Creator of the Process Transform into Doula, and manager of the Network of Doulas Comadres Mamatriztica with guardians of birth throughout Chile. Co- Founder of Ecología del Nacer in 2013.

Since her 13 years she began deeply to investigate in the sense of our existence, which led her to walk different ways of communion with the Being, with the others and with the Earth. Her inquiries have been nurtured from a very young age both from Eastern traditions as well as wisdom traditions of various original peoples of America from which he has received various teachings and initiations.

At the age of 20, she began to experience a profound process of awakening of her female spirituality, the work with women’s cycles, the spirituality of the Goddess and working with women’s circles at the service of life. Accompanying the various processes of female transformation since then.


Luzclara, Astrid and Mahi are linked as friends and companions on the road for many years, all working on the awakening of women in its various forms. 

Luzclara was the pioneer in Chile to spread the movement of the Goddess and the woman’s lunar cycle more than 40 years ago and has taken her medicine to Europe, USA and Latin America. 

Mahi in Chile has been at the service of women’s awakening for the last 15 years creating various meetings, festivals, weaving networks of women’s circles, feminine spirituality, doulas and good living integrating the original and current wisdom. 

Luzclara with Mahi, 12 years ago, were part of the co-founders of the Círculo Matriztico, a circle of women’s circles in Chile. 

Astrid, who is an intercultural weaver between USA, Latin America and Europe was planting in Machu Picchu a prayer for female unity 3 years ago. 


For some time now the invisible world was weaving in us the impulse to do things together … many prayers, calls, synchronicities and parallel paths finally made us converge.

 Luzclara felt a great call to summon the women in their new home in the Sacred Valley, Peru. 

Mahi wove beautiful bridges in the south of Chile with Astrid where both, together with the beautiful tribe of sisters in Pucón called a prayer circle through the waters, unifying waters from different parts of the world. Inspired by the magical experiences and offerings in the Ayllaquillen Island (9 Moons) … in this circle, to which Luzclara and other grandmothers participated supporting the prayer from distance, arose Luzclara’s invitation to call for unification of the waters there together with some grandmothers from Peru. 

Then along with Mahi came as a spark of effervescent inspiration and with great clarity the vision that the prayer had to include beyond the waters the 4 elements, also gathering Earth, Ashes of sacred fires and the wind through our songs.


This elementary magic began to guide us and whisper us strongly and we began to share the vision to our close friends and sisters of the world, immediately emerging in all of them a deep resonance from the soul … we began instantly to feel that this call was taking more strength beyond us and began to take on a life of its own, putting us at the service of being simply channels for this to materialize. 

Then, some grandmothers like Sweet Medicine and Amalia Tum in full resonance and initiative on their own wanted to be present and thus began to roll the magic inviting more wise grandmothers from other corners of the world and this continued to grow, expanding. Friends from various parts of the world who wanted to coordinate groups to come by, and all our friends and sisters on the path where willing to join us in this vision of basic feminine unification.

Since March 2018, we began to co-create this convergence, guided by deep visions complemented  and ratified the resonance of our sisters in the world through dreams, messages and be, all together, channels at the service of a greater purpose that interweaves us, a purpose that seems to be agreed since immemorial time, leading us to converge with women from all continents and races in this center of power on the planet. 

Magnetic point of convergence of cultures and peoples since always, which today calls us to create feminine alchemy from gathering the elements both in the matter and in our interior and sharing our gifts at the service of the new phase of the history of humanity, remembering that together we are medicine.


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