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Maria Apaza , 93 years old, is a true living legend. She is the only living Altomisayoc, “the one that communicates with the ancient spirits”. As Altomisayoc she represents the maximum sacred intermediary that has direct contact with the forces of nature and the cosmos. She represents the power of each element of Mother Earth.

The true Altomisayoc in the spiritual cosmo vision of the Q’ero are chosen directly by the Pachamama through the ray.

Abuela Maria Apaza is the highest spiritual authority of the entire Q’ero nation.

In recent history there is no precedent that another woman has held such a high office.

As a child she was called by the spirits of the Apus and was struck by lightning at the age of 16.

She received the tremendous energetic discharge of more than 300 million volts that suddenly fell on her head and passed through her body. That could have kill her, but not only did she survive the intense touch of lightning, but it was a powerful initiation and a very clear sign of his destiny as Altomisayoc.

After receiving the beam, she was visited by a Pampamisayoc (Q’ero Andean healer) who in his coca leaf reading could see how Maria had been chosen by Pachamama, chosen among all the women and men of the Andean communities who are heirs in blood and tradition to the Incas, to be the sacred priestess who can have direct contact with the Apus and Ñustas and to withstand the power of the greater forces of nature, to cleanse, heal and recharge energies with her sacred stones.

To become a true Altomisayoc was not an easy path. In order to withstand the strength of the Apus Maria went through a process in which different Pampamisayocs performed up to twelve Karpay ceremonies (rite of initiation). 

For the Q’ero people if the lightning chooses you as Altomisayoc, first it kills you, then it disarticulates you and finally it resuscitates you. So those later ceremonies were integrating her ‘disintegrated parts’.

In the community of origin of María, it is common to hear stories full of the magic of the Andean myths, which have been part of the course of the life of the Altomisayocs. Some of her close family narrate stories in their traditional language about María when” the wind took her “, when” she flew away with the condor “and the times she disappeared and her family found her sleeping under a tree days later, as well as various narrations of impressive cures and trips to” Other Pachas “. Different stories that lead us to understand how she can access other planes and worlds in time / space.


Medicine Woman from andean tradition. Wiracocha’s temple at Raqchi, Cusco Perú.

You can see her work here: 


Mayan name: Nan Ix chel Ajq ij (time counter)

Maya Kaqchiquel, Healer of birth, Naturopath

Titular member of the commission for the definition of the sacred places of Guatemala -COLUSAG-

Founder of the Council of Elders and Elders Iq B’alam.

Member of the Council of Elders of the Political Association of Mayan Women MOLOJ

Spiritual adviser to the KAKLA women’s association.

Wife and Mother of three children.

Family and youth counselor from the Mayan worldview.

I have participated in different councils at a national and international level exchanging ancestral knowledge especially the worldview and Mayan spirituality.


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Pilligrim of time, was born in Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico. 1955. She studied a degree in Journalism and Communication at the UNAM. 

Since 1981 she came into contact with the philosophies and practices of spiritual development by the awakening of consciousness. 

She spent a year in India in Tibetan camps and studied Buddhist art and philosophy. 

In Mexico he has studied and lived with diverse indigenous communities such as Maya, Tolteca, Mexica, Totonaca and Wirrarika.

In the art of healing, she has been trained by Olmec, Filipino, Tibetan, Toltec, Maya and Wirrárika masters.

In 1986 she received Tensegrity training taught by Carlos Castaneda and Florinda Doner, in the Bosque de Chapultepec.

She has taken courses and graduates in the following specialties: Floral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Holistic Massage, Therapy for Health and Emotions. She  is Reiki Master. Practitioner of Chi-kung, Ñierika quantum therapy. Humanistic Psychology, Polarity.

She is a founding member of the Theater Research Workshop of the UNAM, where she has participated in more than 35 productions on ritual theater in Mexico and co-creator of Citlalmina, a sacred Mexican-Tibetan dance.

She currently develops her work of love and service giving healing therapies, lectures, tradition ceremonies and courses on spirituality, based on ancient Maya Toltec knowledge, for those who seek to live a Path with a Heart.

She has taught courses and conferences in various parts of the world such as Argentina, Sweden, Italy, France, England, Spain, Malasya, Chile and Mexico.

Founder and director of the Flower and Songs School, Mayan Toltec Teachings: The Art of Temazcal, The Art of Fire through the Sahumador, The Art of Recapitulation, The Art of Healing, Female Sacred Circles, The Art of Meditation, Dance and active meditation, The art of singing medicine, The Art of the Shamanic Drum, The Art of the Altar and the Offerings, The Art of the Obsidian.

Therapist in Shamanic Psychotherapy. Mayan Toltec Temazcal ceremony.

She is a promoter of Mexican ancestral knowledge through lectures: The sacred feminine legacy of goddesses of Mexico. On the dead the crowns. Symbolism and Transcendence in the Mexican ritual. Quetzalcoatl the energy of eternal wisdom. Heart of heaven. Philosophical notes on the Mayan philosophy. Regina, the awakening of consciousness.

For more than eight years she has carried out several visits in Chile, where she has participated as guest grandmother to the Raíces de la Tierra del Sur event.

In 2016 she conducted a tour with 7 native-wisdom grandmothers in five countries in Europe: England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. In September 2017: Participated as a rapporteur at the MCA Festival 2017 in Santiago, Chile. Participated in the First International Congress EMANE 2017. Co-creating New Education and Culture of Peace. Santiago, Chile.

Pilgrimage of Toltec Mayan teachings in the South and North of Chile. Commemorative to the 10 years of spiritual activity in the country of Chile.

She participated for the ninth year in the intertribal meetings of Roots of the Earth in Chile. (November 2018)

She made a pilgrimage in the company of seven grandmothers from different parts of the world through South Africa, contacted with “seeds of origin” of Mama Africa. (November / December 2018).

She has written two poetry books: “I already want this day to finish” by Lince editors and “Tonantzin Maria. Trails of the sacred feminine”. Ed. Siembra Olmeca. (Same as it was performed for ritual theater).

She recorded a compact disc on songs of tradition: Rezo. Cantos medicina.


Lawentuchefe – Mapuche Traditional Medicine Woman. Healer with medicinal plants, Supporter of prayers and traditional chants.

Traditional educator in Mapuche culture.

Native of the original community Francisca Nienlaf Widow of Calfin, Lafkenche territory “People of the Sea” in the Commune of Toltén, Araucanía Region, in the south of Chile.

“Panchita” was born into a lineage family of women medicine, and has been a healer since she was very young. Her grandmother, who was a recognized Machi of her territory, was the one who received her at birth and presented her to the Wenu Mapu “world above” saying sacred words to take care of her family.

Her grandmother taught her medicine and she grew up knowing about the work with medicinal plants according to what she was learning from her lineage and what she received in the pewmas (dreams).

Works in various public and private institutions for patient care, in addition to teaching the Mapuche language and culture.

She is the President of the Center for Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Chile, being invited to various events at national and international level as rapporteur of the situation of indigenous peoples in Chile, on the care of medicine and traditional knowledge.

Responsible for the intercultural development medicine unit in Chile.


“Rosa” is a Namibianhuman-rights activist and politician.She is a former Member of Parliamentand founding member and former secretary-general of the Namibian Congress of Democrats(CoD).

A prominent voice on gender issues, human-rights violations, and violence against women and children in Namibia, she is the director of Woman Solidarity Namibiaand works at the Dolam Residential Child Carecentre, a day-care centre for vulnerable children.

Rosalinda Visolela Namises was born on 20 April 1958 as one of nine children to an Angolan father and #Nu-Khoen mother in the Old Location of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.

Namises spoke up against the torture of South West African People Organization (SWAPO) members in exile through breaking the Wall of Silence (BWS), an organization for former SWAPO detainees of which she was a founding member and chairperson. She is passionately known as a social, gender equality and human rights activist.

In 1989, Rosa Namises was a founding member and volunteer of Women’s Solidarity Namibia – a women’s organization fighting against gender based violence and is currently the director of the organization. Namises served as a Member of Parliament from 1999-2005 and again in 2010, and became part of the law-making process and contributed through motions and debates.

“Ousie Rosa” as she is passionately called by the #NuKhoen people of Namibia was inspired and connected to mother earth through her cultural heritage and the power of the ancestors thru which she now lives a very conscious life and practices healing for the communities in Namibia, especially the #NuKhoen. She has done initiation, healing and the sacred dance ceremonies for both the Namibian and international communities. She has knowledge of traditional and herbal medicine and an active member of GEN (GLOBAL ECOVILLAGE NETWORK) Africa and Europe Network and serve on its Advisory Board.

She is currently a member of the traditional group from the Old Location and the #NuKhoe Kings Council.

In the early 1980s Namises joined the then-illegal SWAPO party. She organised meetings, acquired new members, and distributed promotional material. She was caught and spent two months in solitary confinementbut soon returned to her activist’s activities.[4] In 1985[4] she lost her job in the hospital after having been seen holding hands in public with a white doctor, violating apartheid legislationon racial segregation.She was also jailed a second time for her political activities, this time for 14 months.

Once released she was offered a job by the Catholic Churchas community development officer. In the same year Ben Ulengawas released from Robben Islandprison. Namises and Ulenga met and became a couple soon thereafter. When she was pregnant with their second child in 1987 but they still refused to marry each other, Namises was fired. She also abandoned her Catholic faith at that time, and for that reason. Namises then went into exile and worked in Europe and America. She only returned after the Independence of Namibiain 1990. Not long thereafter several past human rights violations by SWAPO were uncovered. When the party subsequently erected a wall of silenceinstead of reappraising what had happened, Namises ceased her SWAPO membership in 1992.

When the Congress of Democrats(CoD) was founded in 1999, Namises was one of its founding members. In the subsequent parliamentary elections, the CoD gained seven seats, and Namises as secretary-general became a Member of Parliament. When the CoD only gained five seats in the next elections in 2004, Namises was one of the politicians not to return to parliament. However, after the party expelled Nora Schimming-Chasein 2009, Namises took her seat for the remainder of the legislative period.

As Namises went in and out of politics, she spent the time in between as an activist and lobbyist. Her first formal role was her work at the Legal Assistance Centre in the early 1990s, a job she took after quitting SWAPO. She helped to discover and fight human rights violations there, a step she described as “revenge”.

She is the director of Woman Solidarity Namibia, an organisation fighting violence against women and children. Namises is also the founder and main operator of Dolam Residential Child Care, a day-care facility for vulnerable children. There are currently 21 children at the centre.



Marianna García Legar is a social activist born in Argentina who arrived in exile in 1976 in Barcelona, ​​where she took root and established her residence.

Graphic designer and teacher, at 63 years of age, she has been working with women since she was 15 years old; First, from the political and social field, by alphabetizing women in the slums of Buenos Aires and later, already in Europe, from the path of female spirituality linked to the Earth. A pioneer in Spain in the work of Women Circles in synchrony with the Moon, she has encouraged and promoted these meetings since 1994, while also offering workshops and retreats for women.

In 2002, she created Arboleda de Gaia, a sisters organization that works non-profit and that currently congregates more than 100 women running free circles in 14 cities of the Spanish state.

In 2008 she organized the trip to Spain of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and managed the publication in Spanish of his book “The Voice of the 13 Grandmothers”. Since then she has been serving the 13 Grandmothers, spreading their work and collecting funds to help sustain their world pilgrimage.

She edit the free gazette “La Voz de la Arboleda”, with inspiration and guidance material for women’s circles. Since 1997 she has been conducting female pilgrimages on traditional European routes. In 2001 he began to offer mazes of candles in nature that are covered in a state of meditation in movement.

She is a manager member of” Arboleda de Gaia” sisters sorority, as well as the circle manager of the “Mujeres en Pie de Paz” movement.

Marianna will be part of the precious bouquet of grandmothers invited to our convergence, who will also share with us her magical light labyrinth.


Miliwanga Wurrben is a traditional Rembarrnga women and Elder from the remote Central Arnhem region in Northern Territory of Australia. 

Miliwanga comes from a family line of traditional healers and is an advocate for sharing the importance of traditional Indigenous healing modalities as well as working as a Traditional Cultural Education Consultant

Miliwanga is a traditional artist, weaver, and healer. She has overcome adversity in her own life and now stands as a leader and Elder in her community and as an advocate for the rights of Indigenous People.

Amongst her work, Miliwanga educated medical students and mainstream health providers about traditional bush medicine and other traditional health therapies. Miliwanga also cofacilitates regular weekly Yarning Circles, sharing culture and promoting reconciliation and support for children and families.

As is a gifted public speaker, Miliwanga is often asked to travel interstate and internationally to speak at diverse forums about the importance of strong cultural identity, spiritual well-being and true reconciliation as found through the core cultural values of Unity, Belongingship, Identity and Connection towards achieving Universal Balance, as said in her Rembarrnga language, Ngalandaku. Miliwanga has facilitated workshops with the Amnesty International and Oxfam Organisation relating to the United Nations Declarations for Indigenous Peoples of the World. Miliwanga often uses her art works to share the depth and wisdom of her ancient culture so as to bring about understanding and support for Indigenous People.

“It’s taken me many years to find the words and ways to give meaning to an intricate, complex culture. To be able to explain so thatpeople understand the depth and uniqueness of Aboriginal Spirituality expressed through culture. So many times we talk about it and people would not really get the grip of what we are saying. I am hoping I may help.”


Sweet Medicine, is a sweet grandmother Guardian of Wisdom, with 45 years of experience in traditional ceremonies and native teachings.

Native American spiritual leader of the Chickasaw lineage, responsible for continuing the legacy of her people through being a bridge of deep connection with the sacred space, nurturing the soul while guiding through the rites of passage.

Traditional “Red Path” walker, carrier of the Sacred Pipe “Chanupa”, dancer and grandmother of the Sundance.

Recognized as an ambassador of the native people, defender of native cultures.

Author, teacher, speaker and community leader. She is founder and president of the “The Four Winds Foundation / FWF”, non-profit spiritual education organization located in Oregon, whose mission is to share and preserve living history.

Sweet Medicine has dedicated her life to building bridges of respect and intercultural understanding among the people of the world.

We will have the honor of having her presence in our CIM 2019.


From the millennial lands of Chavín, Peru, Abuel Wanqura Waqakuq who will be part of our Intercultural Convergence of Women We are Medicine.

“The ancestors tell us: the beginning and foundation of light” QUN “was the one who made everything that exists, where everything happens, where everything comes from and where everything returns in the eternal dance of the infinite spiral”. 

To honor this sacred energy that allowed the existence of the ancient inhabitants the ceremonial center “Chavin” was built, which I thank infinitely for showing me the path of spirituality so deep that was forged in this part of our beloved territory known as Conchucos.

I am a self-taught researcher of the knowledge and values of the Quechua culture of Conchucos. I was born and raised in the community of Wayopampa, province of Antonio Raimondy, Ancash from Quechwas parents and grandparents. With the ritual use of the sacred cactus proper to my tradition, I went through my reflection of the memories of my childhood and, more exactly of the words used by my parents, my family members and all my community, all farmers.


Words of nurturing vibration, of ancient messages, that allowed me to decipher, together with the cactus and the Chavin temple, the cosmovision, survival and the ancestral wisdom of the peoples that still lingers alive in the communities of Conchucos.


I lead the association “Yarpakuti Chavin” promoting workshops and cultural events.

It will be an honor to be part of this beautiful meeting: INTERCULTURAL CONVERGENCE OF WOMEN: WE ARE MEDICINE, each one sharing the memories of their territories, healing generations and weaving bridges of harmony. I also thank the organizers of the beautiful event for their kind invitation, infinite gratitude and that our prayers in unity be the perfect sum so that the necessary strength of the warmikuna (women) can be reborn and so we can go through these times that we are living sharing the medicine of tenderness and trust in life, protecting the seeds in all its forms to be the mission of life.

From the millenary lands of Chavin, Chawpin, Chawan, Chaywa.

Cecilia Paniagua (Wanqura Waqakuq); Sacred plant carrier.